When subcultures are thoughtfully merged, true originals are created. Fall ‘19 from Stussy Women is a distinct take on American staples. Quintessential items like a Wide Wale Corduroy Shirt, Puffer Vest, Work Shirt, and Cable Knit Sweater are reimagined in unexpected ways, with a clever injection of post-punk attitude and hip-hop spirit. It’s not about rewriting the rules, it’s about seeing things differently.
The Sabi Checkered Pleated Skirt in an electric green is the perfect psychedelic update to a 1920s classic garment. The Summit Polar Fleece Pants are an all-season staple, but the contrasting knee patch helps them standout without sacrificing wearability. The Selma Stripe Dress puts you in Soho in 1994, you just met Kim Gordon on the street and can’t wait to tell your friends all about it. The juxtaposition of the instantly recognizable silhouettes with updated fabrics fits, and details combine to present a wholly unique range with a clear direction.
Delivery One of The Fall ’19 Collection will be available on Friday, August 16th at all Chapter stores, Dover Street Market London, Dover Street Market Los Angeles and stussy.co.kr. 

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Art Direction:
Edward Quarmby

Liam MacRae

Tom Guinness

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