Transitioning from summer to winter requires a certain kind of clothing. For the Fall ‘19 collection Stüssy has created a truly dynamic and wearable pieces that work perfectly for the season. The California roots are ever present, but the boundaries are pushed with striking prints and a rich autumnal color palette. The sharp use of classic patterns like argyle, paisley, tie-dye, checker, and camouflage combine a wide range of influences that when pieced together present a heady mix of tactical and contemporary.
The range is heavy on movement and texture taking foundational Stussy silhouettes like cardigans, trucker jackets, oxford shirts, track jackets, and sweatpants but rethinking them for the current day. The Fall ‘19 collection takes layering to a new place. The Hawaiian Jacquard Mock fleece worn with a kelly green Stüssy Designs hoodie underneath illustrates how two staples in vibrant colors work well together. The Tree Bark fleece jacket is an update on more traditional camouflage that pairs well with pink sweatpants. Mixing prints is not for the faint of heart, but in this case it showcases the breadth of the collection. Simply put, it’s exciting and comfortable clothing that subverts the norm.
Delivery One of The Fall ’19 Collection is available now at all Chapter stores, Dover Street Market London, Dover Street Market Los Angeles and

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Art Direction:
Edward Quarmby

Liam MacRae

Tom Guinness


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