Stüssy Women’s returns for Spring ‘19 with influences, details, and cuts that are all deliberate and cohesive — with every garment feeling like a movement in a grander gesture. The collection includes clothes that speak to a very specific feeling, referencing the idea of Punk’s recycling and reinterpretation of old styles that went hand in hand with the shiny cyberpunk vision of the future. You can see this spirit in every piece on display here, but the tech-influenced Reena Unconstructed Blazer is the perfect example. If you were to wear it open over the Bailey Contrast Stitch Dress, you would look comfortable kicking your way through any mosh pit on earth. But if instead you wore it with it’s matching Reena Bungee Pant, you could just as convincingly be checking people into their rooms on Fhloston Paradise. No matter the circumstance, this cohesive collection leaves room for interpretation from customer to customer.


Delivery One of the Spring ’19 Women’s Collection is available now at all Chapter stores, Dover Street Market London, Dover Street Market Los Angeles and

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Art Direction:
Edward Quarmby

Liam MacRae

Tom Guinness

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