Stussy x Oakley

The Stussy and Oakley companies have a mutual respect for one another but have rarely worked together over their histories. The first project was a pair of military themed sunglasses in 2010. The next was a superb adornment to an existing BMX bike collaboration that was pulled from the Oakley vault in 2011.  

Stussy x Oakley Hijinx Sunglasses For Holiday 2010, Stussy and Oakley partnered on a special version of the classic Oakley Hijinx model for the military themed Buffalo Soldiers collection. These limited edition sunglasses feature a gloss black finish with black and yellow "Buffalo Soldiers" printed on the inside arm, polarized lenses and the Stussy logo etched into the lens. The Stussy x Oakley Hijinx Sunglasses were released in November 2010.

Stussy x W-Base BMX Bike with Oakley B-1B Grips In Summer 2011, Stussy joined together with the W-Base bike shop from Shibuya, Tokyo to create the "How I Roll" 26 inch old school BMX original model bike. This cruiser type style is built after the late 1970's/early 1980's flavor dirt bike and is packed with details. The frame is made from 4130CR-MO and highlights include metallic blue alumite hubs, rims, break covers and neck with the classic "Ride Tough You Little Boys" Stussy phrase. A set of the rare and legendary Oakley B-1B grips was pulled out of Oakley's backstock from the 1970's and included with each bike. The Stussy x W-Base "How I Roll" BMX Bike with Oakley B-1B grips was released in May 2011.