Stüssy / Dickies International Workgear

Stüssy has collaborated with classic American workwear brand Dickies on a limited capsule collection. The assortment features an Eisenhower jacket, pant, selection of graphic t-shirts and a hooded sweatshirt. The jacket and pant are composed of the traditional hard wearing Dickies polycotton. Both pieces feature design details like contrast stitching and a dual logo marked interior, and the pant includes a self-fabric belt. The t-shirts and hooded sweatshirt spotlight new interpretations of some of our earliest graphics, modern takes on 50’s workwear art, which felt appropriate considering Dickies history in the industry. Affix Studios consulted on the collaboration and accompanying imagery.


The Stüssy / Dickies International Workgear collection is no longer available Chapter Stores and The collection was released in October 2018.

Stussy Dickies2
Stussy Dickies4
Stussy Dickies5-fixed
Stussy Dickies - Polaroids 3-
Stussy Dickies - Polaroids 2-
Stussy Dickies - Polaroids 5-fixed
Stussy Dickies - Polaroids 4-fixed 


Joshua Gordon

Special Thanks:
Dean Edmonds